Oral History of the Laser Tag Industry

I have been developing an ongoing video series for the Laser Tag Museum for which I have conducted interviews featuring laser tag founders, manufacturers, key players and individuals who can give their firsthand accounts about the history of the laser tag industry. These interviews are being hosted on the Laser Tag Museum website and I invite you to view them individually using the links on this page or by visiting the entire collection at http://www.lasertagmuseum.com/oral-history

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An Interview with Tim Ewald, Founder and Vice President of Engineering at Laser Blast and Mike Ewald, Sales Director at Laser Blast



An interview with Maree Harris, World's Longest-Running Female Laser Tag Operator and Sales, Installation and Customer Support for Laserforce International



An interview with Alexey Tereschenkov, Business Director for LASERWAR Laser Tag in Russia


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An Interview with Steradian Technologies Laser Tag representatives Kevin McDonald (production manager, repair and purchasing) and Amy Baker (quality assurance, shipping and rentals).


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Why does laser tag continue to have such mass appeal? Here are some thoughts from some of the leaders in the industry.


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