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An Interview with Sensei Graham Ravey, aka Lord Baethan

I had been keeping this under wraps for a few days in anticipation of debuting it with the new website next week, but then there's no keeping anything under wraps on the internet (as someone has already listed it on the imdb external sites list...which is totally cool, we want to keep spreading the word) and besides, if you are reading this blog or checking out my site then this is really for you anyway and you should get a sneak peek. Just know that a new website is on the horizon for anyone who loves Photon and you'll hear about it here when it launches on International Laser Tag Day next weekend, March 28, 2015. Meanwhile, over this past weekend I had the chance to interview Sensei Graham Ravey who played Lord Baethan on the Photon television series. As we've already covered how interwoven this tv show was with the original laser tag, if there's any question about the tie-in just keep reading the blog. Otherwise, I invite you to enjoy this conversation we had delving into Sensei Ravey's experience playing the cyborg-wizard of the series, Lord B...

If you have comments or questions please visit my website at (where there's a hint about what's to come) or email me at

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