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Because I Could

Friday, March 27, 2015

Because I Could

My life has been so busy lately that I haven't had the time to blog...but that doesn't mean I haven't made the time to play a little laser tag in between my (many) projects. So let me catch you up on last weekend. I was running the sound for yet another production that I work on annually. In previous years I have served as the director for both the show and for the local program putting it on, which means I typically had to handle a lot of last minute details the night before the production. However, this year I simply returned as a volunteer and did not have those additional responsibilities, so when rehearsal was over I decided to go play some laser tag...just because I could. :)

Rehearsal ran smoothly and I figured I'd be able to leave around 9:00 and catch a few games before the end of the night. The laser tag center I frequent the most was about a half an hour from our auditorium, so I had my mind firmly focused on getting out there. Unfortunately, even when things are going smoothly they always seem to take longer than you expect, so it was about 10:00 before I actually left. Still, with laser tag on the brain I was determined to play since I was already right nearby. So I drove out there watching the clock and as I got closer I realized I was cutting it WAY too close time wise for this trip to make any sense. Why was I so insistent on playing when I knew I'd barely have any time at that point anyway? I think it was partially to make a point that I had the freedom this night to do what I wanted rather than to be married to the production.

The last game of the night goes in at 10:30 and as the minutes passed I started to worry that this trip was going to be wasted. I pulled into the parking lot at 10:35 just praying that the game might have started late. I got there and one of the staffers who knows me as a regular hurried me in even though the game was already in progress ( know why). By that point I had missed half the game, but I threw on a pack and got in there as quickly as I could. I took the bases pretty quickly since that deep into the game everyone probably figured anyone who was going for the bases had already been there. However, once that was accomplished I still needed to make up points and I had to circle back to a base to find where most of the blue team had decided to hang out. They were like a wolf pack and had clearly been working as a team all night. They had successfully intimidated a couple of guys on the green team who (seemingly genuinely) warned me off of going into the base camp. Well, thanks guys, but I'm a big girl and can handle a few base guards. I'm not sure what they were thinking, but it seemed they were all concentrating on one side of the when I realized this I just kept alternating between shooting them from one entrance then running around and shooting them from the other. Lesson to take away...if you have enough teammates gathered in one spot to run as a pack then play back to back and guard both doors!

All in all, it was a decent game, but I really only got in ten minutes of laser tag this particular weekend. Then I had to drive home over an hour and be back at the auditorium first thing in the morning. I had brought a VERY long night upon myself by insisting on going out there. The next day a few of the young women in the production asked me how laser tag had been. I told them that it was good even though I only got in about ten minutes of game play. Some of them wondered why I even bothered for only half a game. To that, all I could do was smile and say..."because I could." :)

If you have comments or questions please visit my website at or email me at Or if you wait until the clock strikes 12:00 keep your eyes open for my brand new site to launch tomorrow in honor of International Laser Tag Day...get ready for it!

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