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The new launches today!

Happy International Laser Tag Day!

I promised it here before anywhere !!!

photon equipment.jpg

2015 marks the 31st anniversary of Photon, the original laser tag that started it all, and to celebrate it today is the official launch of So if all these years later you still love and remember Photon and want to check out some fun nostalgia and memories then check out this site that honors the game and documents the history of the Photon television series.

Finished P Cast.jpg is a fan website which includes a collection of exclusive interviews with the cast, behind the scenes photos from some of their personal collections, a peek at some rare prototypes, collectibles and more. If you love Photon, check this site out...the light still shines!

As always, if you have comments or questions please visit www.tiviachickloveslasertag and now also or email me at

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