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Where Is Home?

I was asked an interesting question last night (Friday...posting late again). Lenny came up to me and asked "What's your home system? Someone wanted to know." I used to think this was a simple answer, but the more I play laser tag the less simple I realize it is. What exactly makes it your "home system" anyway? Is it the system you've played the most games on? In my entire life that would certainly be Zone...which is ultimately the easy answer to that question. Of course I play in more than one Zone arena, so is it the one place you go more often than any other? Most recently that seems to be the Laserforce arena (even though I've been balancing that with playing Zone, so that doesn't really change the answer). Or is it the system that you have the greatest affinity for? No secret that for me that's Photon, but in actuality I've really barely played that (as it's not something anyone really plays a lot of now that all the centers are closed). Is it the system you dominate? Generally I'd say that's still Zone, but since it's so easy to dominate Lazer Runner you could make an argument in that direction (although I'm not...just that the criteria matters in answering the question). Or are you a wanderer if like me you have experimented with a lot of systems? We started running down the list last night. I have played Zone, Laserforce, Photon, Quest, Runner, Lasertron, Blast and Darklight. I have not yet played Q-Zar, Storm or Delta Strike (that last one I hadn't actually heard of until last night), or for that matter, tactical.

I think in laser tag home is where you feel the most connected and I am starting to feel that tide shift from the Zone center where I began playing and no doubt have played the most games over to the Laserforce center where things are kept interesting, the challenge is greater and I feel like I'm surrounded by others who take it more seriously. Apparently (if anyone asks) Syracuse is now officially my home Laserforce center. I don't really know what that means, but I wouldn't have said anything else. Last week Mike came by and announced that I was added (to a list, I assume) and the short explanation seems to be that if I were ever to get into Laserforce competitions they would expect/require me to be connected to a home base center, the place where I play the majority of my Laserforce games, and so now I am on record as that being Syracuse...I think. So if/when that comes up I have an official home in that capacity. I was told about a girl in Pennsylvania who still claims Syracuse as her home center because that's where she has played the most Force. I'm not entirely sure why the distinction really matters (perhaps that will be more clear to me in the future when it becomes relevant), but it is good to know I have a home :)

Now, figuring out where my home is turns out to be an easier question than figuring out what my name at the end of the night I decided to add yet another membership. Here's why...

We've discussed ad nauseum the challenges of playing as a level six surrounded by level ones on a typical night. I can tell I'm getting better. I'm managing the triple shot liability better, playing a bit more stealthily, blah, blah, blah...but sometimes I just miss when it was fun to play laser tag for no reason other than to go hard and play for the win, not the growth and experience. And when I don't sign in I of course do better in that department and look at the scores I achieve thinking what a shame that I can't take credit for that towards my average. Well...maybe there's a best of both worlds and fitting enough, it will be with the new codename Tiviachick. I have not used this membership yet to play, but my intention is to build a new level six membership as quickly as possible from the ground up. I will start again as a level one letting my averages take care of themselves. I will play hard and have fun and see it rewarded by the scores that result. I will take better note of the distinctions of the levels along the way. And when I achieve my level six goal...who knows, maybe I'll start all over. I'm not saying I won't still sign in as a level six for practice along the way...I have to grow and improve my game. But this time around I will be building from a base of knowledge instead of just plowing through with trial and error. People have told me numerous times that I achieved my level six very quickly...maybe so, I wasn't really paying attention when I did it. Now we'll see just how quickly that can be done starting next week.

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