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Learning Experiences

Tonight was a good learning opportunity as I got to try out a few different games including the one that's about to become most relevant to me, SM5 (Space Marines 5). I showed up for a members night, but due to my work schedule I arrived late. When I walked in there was a game in progress and...knife in my heart...they were playing Photon without me!!! LOL, ok I am being intentionally melodramatic there. Apparently I had once admitted that I'm not really that into actually playing Photon (more adoring it as a concept with a healthy dose of respect for what brought me here) and so when I started this same line of lament there I was quickly called out on it. Smile...fair enough.

The first game I got to play was Dungeons and Dragons and there was so much complexity in the way that game was described that there is no way I could properly repeat it. Fortunately my role as a "warrior" did not require me to do much more than play a little regular laser tag while getting benefits from the "cleric" on my team and steering clear of the "thief" on the other team...I think. It was a fairly complicated game, but in the end I came in second on my team and third overall, so I figure that's not too bad for my first time playing this game.

After that I got to do what I came here for...get some experience with SM5 which is the tournament format and yet not a game that I would ever get a chance to learn on the average Friday night. The positions were randomly assigned and I took on the role of ammo alongside the medic. To be honest it uneventful game. However, I recognize this is because there were several new players being eased in and taught along the way. So in baby-stepping me into it I suppose I got a clear picture of how these two roles function...though I didn't really see that in practical play. However, I am so appreciative that I had the chance to do this at all. Big thanks to the nine other players who turned out tonight and especially to the veteran players who took the time to patiently teach us in the arena as we went along. This was a very valuable experience. I also really appreciate the extra effort being made to make sure I have ample practice time with some of the better players using this format before the Armageddon (and since I now know he has found my site I'll give a personal shout out...Hi Beanz...thanks!). It's actually a completely different experience segueing into the things that I need to know in the competitive laser tag world. Though anyone who knows my background probably isn't the least bit surprised that I'm once again jumping into another competition scene. In fact I think this is the ideal answer to everyone who has asked me in the last three months "what are you going to do with all your spare time?" (as if there was any) and the answer is...this.

Second to last game of the night was Wedlock. Short explanation...someone in the arena is your partner, you don't know who until you go through a process of elimination, but whatever happens to your partner registers to you also. I can describe this game very succinctly...W-T-F? Good heavens, this is not a good game! I think I was the only person in the arena to not locate my partner (well, I guess by definition I wasn't the ONLY person) until I realized at the end he had to be the person wearing the green pack...but the only thing I recognized was the color of the pack and I could not for the life of me figure out who was wearing it! Sigh. But it was still cool to try out some new games. I do enjoy having a variety of experiences under my belt. We wrapped up with a small game of Highlander (which I wanted to play to refresh my own memory before bringing in my team for the Highlander tournament next week)...let's just say it was time to call it a night. Had to head back anyway as tomorrow will be a long day, but wrapping up on the note of competitive nature...I want to wish both my girls Tracee and Lauren all the best. I couldn't be there tonight, but I'm in your corner ladies and can't wait to see you kill it again tomorrow!

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