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The Photon Alliance Practices Hard

Feeling the good kind of pain this morning. I've played a lot of laser tag this weekend and last night I went in playing hard from the start and didn't let up. There's a small tactical tournament going on this week and so Joe, Will and I played as a team in preparation for it. We had a lock on the top three spots all night in practically every game we played while volleying the top score back and forth. It was great to play it hard and see a consistent success while still keeping it interesting among the three of us. We will be working as a team at this event and the practice last night was really good.

We needed to come up with a team name. Joe suggested the Photoners. Aw, an homage to the original...always cool. Though, I suggested a tiny adjustment and we agreed on playing in the tournament as the Photon Alliance. Where are my old school players to appreciate that?

That was a suggestion which I appreciated almost as much as this little exchange with some other players after one of the rounds...

"Are you a Marine?"

"No, I'm not."

"You must be in the military to shoot like that."

Wow...that's a pretty awesome compliment. And some others echoed it later on in the arena and called me a "super trooper". Honestly, if I was that good I'd be nailing it every single time without exception. However, only in the final game when my team split apart did I feel the need to prove anything particular with my shooting. Now, I can accept that my dogfighting may need work, but my sniping was on point and I enjoy knowing that I've found my forte in that regard. So that's what I did and really enjoyed rounding out an aggressive and competitive night with my fellow teammates. Wish us luck to repeat that success on Wednesday! :)

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