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Step Up Please!

I was at one of my frequent laser tag haunts last night...I won't say which one. It was a whole lot quieter than I expected, especially being the night before a school vacation I figured some teens would at least show up. However, I got to play a few rounds with a nice group of three people who were learning the game (the guy picked it up very well and the girls seemed to be getting a hang of it by the end also). I was there to play, but NOT to stomp, so I actually did take it down a notch. I wanted them to have a good time too, if for no other reason because they were the only ones there! So I tried to show them how to get bases and answer questions during the rounds. But they only came for three games so once that time was over and the clock was only at 8:00 I looked around to the four employees hanging around. I extended the challenge to go one on one. Technically there was a fifth, a female employee who would have taken me up on that, but literally seconds after saying yes her ride arrived. So I looked back to the four guys...not a one stepped up. OK, you all are great and I look forward to playing at your facility, but come on disappoint me to leave me hanging when this chick came to play. I have given you all props for jumping in when this very scenario has happened in the past. Sigh... but last night not a one was willing to accept the challenge. Very soon I plan on playing again in Rochester…don't let those game masters show you up! The next time I play at this arena I am hoping for a full capacity night, but if for some reason it doesn't work out that way and I find myself looking for another one on one game...step up please! I'll play nice. ;) Comments or questions? Contact: Websites: and Blog:

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