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To Buffalo and Back

Following my evening in Rochester I continued on towards Buffalo to meet up with some friends who were visiting the area from Toronto. We decided to go to Lasertron in Amherst (the major appeal for the group was the proximity to Olive Garden) and play a round before I returned home. While TJ and Ilana explored the flavored drink options in the lounge (yes, grape water is a thing!), Ankur, Garth and I took on the arena...

I love to play with these guys. :) Although the timing of showing up mid-afternoon meant we were playing with a very different group than I had the night before, it was still a good time. I did ok...not great, not lousy. But props to Ankur who got the higher score during game 3 and said he had the best time there out of any of the times we've laser tagged together. Meanwhile TJ and Ilana watched from the observation area and reminded me vaguely of proud parents watching us run around and do our thing. Well, they reminded me of parents only until a swarm of actual kids ran by them in the lobby...but I appreciate them indulging the rest of us a chance to play some tag while we were all together.

I didn't leave the Buffalo area until around 8:00 last night, but somehow it timed out perfectly for me to be passing back through Syracuse just in time to catch the last game of the evening. OK, one shot to do my thing...but there's a new guy playing there who is gaining traction very quickly. I like that because I knew he would give me a really good challenge. So when I pulled the top score I can honestly say it was hard fought for last night and I give my respect and appreciation to this new player and all the others in the arena who gave me an excellent run during this final game to round out the weekend.

And before leaving I claimed a prize that I'll just call "the hitchhiker who followed me home".

Great weekend, lots of great laser tag!

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