Picture It...

Picture it. Sicily, 1921...no, wait. That's wrong.

Picture it. The briefing room, right before the last game of the night. The game master comes in and scans the room making an assessment of whether or not to offer us the option of special game play this round. He begins...

Kevin: OK, you all look pretty cool...

Me: Said no one ever in a laser tag briefing room. :)

And with that smartass remark...standard game. But it was a good one to close out a pretty good night all around. I had to work earlier so I showed up late, but there was a decent crowd waiting outside even though there was already a game in progress. Packed house tonight! When I went in for my first game of the evening I was ready to hit it hard. Came out of that game with the top score, only about 300 points ahead of Joe. That set the tone. When my teammate and I compete against each other there is only one thing either of us is after...to take that top spot with the high score. Team play is irrelevant on an average Saturday. One of us and only one of us is getting that spot so the battle is on. The next game was played out just as hard and every pack in the vesting room was spoken for. We played with 42 players (the absolute maximum capacity) and I went into that game ready to take it. I played hard and knew I was killing it. When all was said and done I took my vest off an was positive there was no way I didn't win that one...except, I didn't! I came in second this time and Joe had the top score with a whopping 15,000 (a score not often seen based on the point values in this particular arena...the scoring here is significantly different than at some other arenas where I play). Wow! For that I can't even begrudge him anything. I'm crazy impressed that it happened and reasonably proud of my own outcome also (second place means I still took a whole lot of points). So I snapped a pic of that outcome because you just don't see that happen every time...

Then a few of us played a round just for accuracy before mixing things up with various team combinations for the rest of the night. It was a good, well played night of tag and I always know it's been a worthwhile evening when I go home with a buddy...

A minion in a french maid's costume? Thank you and good night! Comments or questions? Contact: tivia@tiviachickloveslasertag.com Websites: www.tiviachickloveslasertag.com and www.photonforever.com Blog: tiviachickloveslasertag.blogspot.com

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