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December 31, 2015

For the last couple of days I have had my mind largely focused on the upcoming tournament. My team has had the benefit of some degree of insulation from the drama llama which I think has been a real asset to just staying positive about an opportunity to see each other again, play our best, learn from the experience and strengthen our overall skill set so that we can come back bigger, better and badder down the road. What I like best about the group I am playing with is that I genuinely feel a camaraderie and support from the team spirit that makes me happy to be a part of this no matter what happens. Now, some external nonsense surrounding all this has been making me want to scream (and disconnect my internet), but I will rise above it and be happy with whatever happens so long as we can do this united and ignore the imaginary issues.


So, to that end I've been doing what I can from here. Picked up the team shirts (which look awesome), got myself to the neighboring arenas for practice and got a very useful refresher tutorial on Q-Zar.



Honestly, these packs are so alien to me. I can practice most of the other systems fairly easily, but Q-Zar and Storm will be the variables over which I have zero control other than to do my best on the fly and to pick up whatever skills I can. Last night I went out to the Force arena knowing full well there would not be a chance to get in any SM5, but I was at least able to introduce one of my teammates to the environment and the system to get familiar with the space to avoid having him jump blindly into the fire at the event. And that was my main purpose also...even though I've spent many hours playing at this location I have also been away from it for awhile. And while I know my Zone location so well I could probably play there blindfolded (ok...that sounds like either an exaggeration or a fun challenge for next week) I recognize that the thing I have in my favor here is simply access. So I went and played a fun night with an unexpected crowd considering it was a weekday night. And we went over the systems as best possible from there. Had a great night, definitely a worthwhile trip. But between now and Saturday I'm going to just rest up for whatever is about to happen and know that regardless of what goes on at the tournament I'm going to have a great time playing laser tag with my team.


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