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How to Kill A Weekend Right

Friday night I was ready for a stress release and there's nothing like tag for that. And it's even better when I'm joined by the guys from my team who give me some really good competition and comaraderie in the arena. It was a wicked night as it's the tail end of winter break and lots of teenagers showed up...but not the type who give good overly solid competition. These were more of the rowdy, PITA variety. Well, actually some of them weren't so much rowdy as they were...Ferris Bueller? Seriously, one was wearing sunglasses (in the dark arena) and just led a party train through the maze. No idea why. But then there was the skinny blonde kid who decided to harass me by getting in my personal space and sticking like unwanted glue while yelling "get good" at me over and over. WTH? I was appreciative of Joe getting in the mix to fend the guy off, but seriously, what makes someone act so obnoxious in a game I'll never know. However, our scores put to bed any question of whether or not either of us needs to "get good". Already there, my friend, already there. And that's with a total lack of team support to boot...imagine if we hadn't had a train rolling through!

(yeah, I took back the Legend pack once the guys left for dinner) On Saturday I decided to return to the Laserforce arena, in part because I needed to pick up a new membership card (the reason why should be self-evident in a couple of weeks).

On the heels of my recent success in Canada let me just say this is barely even the same game. I came in somewhat casually about halfway through the night, but won the couple of games that I played...except one when I stopped mid-game to find the game master for an injured young player who ran straight into another player's pack. Safety, please...this isn't Armageddon. ;) However, I also left early because I was running sound for a fundraiser event in the morning that would put me reasonably close to the Albany area, so... Sunday I got back to play some Infusion in Albany. I love this arena and there was a reasonable crowd tonight. Been awhile since I've been able to play full out in this space. Actually, "full out" really only describes the first round, but it was an enjoyable night and worth gambling in making the drive to Albany again. I tried to put myself on the less experienced team to help boost them and pit myself against the more competitive team.

I played all my games there an my favorite pack, Dark Angel. Funny, I only play pack favorites at my Zone sites...probably because I can't swipe a card and make them all say "Tivia". Something feels different when I'm wearing "my pack". However, I noticed someone had broken the fastener on "my pack" here...grrr. But apparently they're going to have a Zone rep do some work on the system (bases were down tonight and the packs weren't giving the usual "Zone god" feedback). Erik, if you're the one who goes in to tune things up, could you maybe fix "my pack" while you're at it? ;) Smile and just kidding. So three days of tag are to me the best way to make the most of a weekend. Wouldn't it be great if they were all like this?

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