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Accountability and Replaceability

So, here's a hypothetical story. Let's say you have a player who wants to join a league and gets placed on a team. If the team is required to have a particular number of players in the arena during the games you might figure on relying on such a player to be accountable to their decision to be part of the league and show up to play for the team. What might get irritating is if that person makes comments such as "Now that I'm on a team I'll play hard" leading you to think he has acknowledged having a place on the team and then when you ask him what weeks he is available, getting a non-committal reply such as "I'm the kind of person who will be there when I can and won't when I can't". Still though, even in the wishy-washiness of a comment like that you might still think there's an understanding of such a player being on your team...when he decides to be there at all. Well, if such a player hears that a member of an opposing team has to back out you might expect him to say something like "that's a shame"...not "I'll sub for him" leaving others to ask "are you ditching your current team?" If the reply from such a player is "I never wanted to be on a team anyway, I just want to sub for different teams" then it sure might sound like there's a lack of accountability and communication and it may all be for the best because you might not be able to grit your teeth and play nice after being "ditched" essence so that player can join a different team. That might even be enough to really light a fire under you to play harder than you would have anyway. Especially if you have five other people who are dedicated, practiced and passionate players who might perceive this other person's actions as a juvenile way to straddle the fence in a competition. Have you enjoyed my hypothetical story? On a completely unrelated note...we are happy now to welcome our newest addition David to the league team to fill a recently vacated spot. No connection to the hypothetical story at all. ;)

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