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I am Legend

This is not about the movie. It's about how last night I got to tag using my old standby pack "Legend" all evening long. It's just a psychological thing, but every time I use that pack it still takes me back in time and I feel primed and ready to bring my best game. Call it superstition or maybe just a self fulfilling event, but while wearing Legend I had a perfect undefeated streak with the top score in every game of the night. That felt good because I was playing against my favorite kind of competition...high school athletes. They bring a good game, yet they never see me coming.

Last night the competition was from a local high school track team. They came out to burn some energy before heading off to a competition in Pennsylvania the next day. When all was said and done a couple commented that they thought they'd be too tired to run following this night of tag. However, they certainly didn't start out like that.

The first game of the night the players had their own plans for the game and who they wanted on their team. They all split up evenly between the blue and green teams. That left me playing solo on the red as a team of one. And that was fine with me...plenty of targets, plenty of chance to surprise them.

I buried the competition in that first game scoring more than double the next closest competitor. Obviously I had more targets for points, but there were a lot of them and only one of me. A tiny bit of offense and they could have certainly kept me in check...but instead Legend got to run the game. :)

After that they started to take note. One guy asked me if I was a professional. I never know what to say to that. First, because there's no such thing as "professional" laser tag. Second, because I know what kind of tournament scene really exists out there. To call myself a pro knowing my place in the bigger picture seems really incorrect. So I told him "maybe more like an advanced-intermediate" to not be "that girl". Well, for the rest of the night that guy kept calling me "semi-pro". for me! :)

One of the most heartening things that took place happened after most of the athletes left. There were still a couple of games to go and the group divided into several teen guys against several teen girls...and me. Those girls were intimidated by the boys and I tried to help them stand strong and not run away. Stay and shoot and don't back down. Girl power! And by the end those girls had achieved a victory and I was really proud to be playing with them and helping to bolster their confidence in the arena. So it was a good night...and Legend played as Legend does. :)

It's a couple days belated, but I want to take this time to welcome our new Ascendance team players.

Irina, Pavel and Eugeniy will be joining us at Baltigeddon next month. Welcome! Can't wait to play with you all on our team. It will be "Legend...wait for it...dary!"

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