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Reunion in the Arena

Ok, casual Saturday night laser tag isn't exactly battle, but it's even less so when in the middle of the "battle" you run into a friend from high school you haven't seen in years and you stop mid-game for hugs and reminiscing right in the middle of the arena. I couldn't believe it when I ran into my friend Kristie who I hadn't seen in ages, but in the middle of a game I rounded a base and deactivated her. Then she comes back around to take a revenge shot, to which I responded with "touché" before firing back, when she said "I know you" and we recognized each other and we started catching up right on the spot.

It's funny what a small world it is. We both live a fair distance away and yet ran into each other out in Syracuse. It was nice to see her, especially on a night when I was playing alone. I told her I had started playing competitively and was preparing for an upcoming tournament which really surprised her. No wonder...I was never into athletic activities back in the day. However, I've always been competitive, which she does know about me. And as such I took the opportunity for a solid night of practice...largely focusing on keeping my shoulder sensors down since stuns are being taken out of the Battle For The Fort event. During the last game something cute happened. A teen girl got a shot on me from behind and she excitedly ran off yelling "I got the lady!" I replied back that "the lady" has a name, but I liked the formality of it. Like "the lady will have the chicken tonight" only in this case when another player said something like "are you serious?" for the rest of the night I went around talking about myself in the third person replying with stuff like "yes, the lady is serious", So cheesy, but fun. The new game master called me the laser tag queen. If only there were a real crown for that! :) So all in all, it was a fun night out for tag, great to play and even better to see an old friend.

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