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What I Did Instead of Laser Tag

This weekend was more about what I did instead of laser tag, although it does come back around to SM5 on Sunday night. On Friday evening I decided I had to take a pass on tag in order to prepare what needed to be done for Saturday morning because we had a very early start. I took a day trip to NYC with a few other voice actors for a recording session with Joanna Cassidy.

We finished up recording the audio for some scenes for the animated movie we're working on.

It is absolutely remarkable to actually be working with an actress of this caliber...

Gotta say, being driven to the studio in a limo makes me feel a little like Don Lafontaine!

Thanks Dr. Jay!

And thanks to CDM Sound Studio and our engineer Tyler for a fun and productive session. :)

And we wrapped up the day with dinner out on the town in Manhattan at Pietrasanta.

Now, when the limo dropped us off we were literally across the street from Zero Gravity and I did invite the other actors to go for a round of laser tag with me…but I got shot down on that one without even getting into the arena! Honestly, after being on the road for 15 hours and having a very full day even I was not really feeling up to laser tag that night. Instead I waited until Sunday when we had SM5 as our league format. Deshawn joined us, although we were still down a does this happen every week?! Long story short, we got slaughtered by the SM5 regulars, however we got some incredibly useful coaching and practice time for which I am really appreciative this close to Baltigeddon. I am especially looking forward to getting back into my other arena for some quality "rebuild the ego" time to remind me how much I love laser tag and get me into a better head space before the tournament. I'm thinking that I need to convince Dr. Jay to produce a laser tag movie next! :)

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