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New Hampshire: To Space for Tron

While driving up to the red metal building that is the home for Space Entertainment Center in Hooksett, NH my first impression was that this place was going to be small inside, but looks can be deceiving!

in actuality this was a pretty good sized place and we were met at the door by a greeter who encouraged us to look around and then he'd be happy to assist us in setting us up with a card to add money for purchases and bonus arcade dollars. Add another tag card to my wallet!

We were going to play some Lasertron here, but had a bit of time to kill before the next round so I enjoyed some mozzarella sticks while Paul cleaned up in the arcade bringing back several prizes.

Then we were called in with a group of players...and promptly instructed not to take photos in the briefing room for "copyright reasons". Really?! :( Bummer, but I respect that (although I don't necessarily understand was no different from the many briefing rooms I've been in before). And since it was a fairly standard looking Tron arena there was nothing really lost...we all know what a Tron arena looks like.

Now, it's no secret that Tron is just not my game. However, this was a public game and in this group I was the only one who seemed to have any experience at all. I tried to advise my team as best I could. Two women on my team (the green team) decided to hang back and defend because, but that was really moot because the other team had no offense and my sole strategy was going after the base. There were two bases for each side, both located on the upper level, which I didn't even bother going up to explore. There was no need. I made a beeline for the base and shot it consistently from below in spite of players from the other team trying to shoot me down. It was a smaller group and there were not enough of them to negate the scores I was racking up and I mixed up which base I headed to each time to keep them on their toes.

While shooting the base repeatedly I pretty much just focused on that ignoring what any players around me were doing, even though they were shooting at me from several angles. I had the thought that this was a little bit like in the movie Ghostbusters 2 when the guy says "He is Vigo. You are like the buzzing of flies to him." That's exactly how I these players with phasers pointed at me were like the Ghostbusters shooting at me, but "She is Tivia. These players are like the buzzing of flies to me" and I just kept my focus and racked up a wicked score, being the top player every round, but really not playing aggressively at all because I knew the other people in the arena were not playing that way. I just did my thing kind of casually.

Although they wouldn't allow photos inside, the game master took a pic for me afterwards outside the arena.

And I picked up a little more tag swag before we left.

So it was a good time playing some Tron in New Hampshire.

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