Lazer Xtreme

July 31, 2016


My final stop in Ohio was to Lazer Xtreme in Middleburg Heights, just outside of Cleveland.


This place was on my radar for two reasons. First, because I was intrigued by a claim on their website that made me wonder what the Laser Tag Guy might have liked so much about them. And second...they had awesome t-shirts.

Honestly as I fastened my Nexus pack (feeling exhausted and like this was a bit of Groundhog's Day dejavu) I decided to play one game and call it a night.


It was a good game against an appropriately aged group (teenagers and adults who seemed to be enjoying a multi-play special and had been playing together since before I arrived). This was a rather convoluted arena to take on cold. It was definitely an impressive use of the space and there were plenty of moving lights to keep you guessing what was a person and what was a fixture. There were lots of lights and interesting things that could easily be mistaken for bases if you didn't know what you were looking for. And after getting used to Helios timing during the tournament it was interesting to go back the other way! It was an enjoyable final stop before leaving Ohio and heading for home at the end of my trip.






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