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Indiana: Warming Up at Lazer X

It's an ironic play on words for this post to say we were "warming up" considering the heat index is around 105 degrees this weekend, but what I mean is my team gathered to play warm up before day two of the Battle For The Fort tournament by playing a couple of rounds of Cyber Blast at Lazer X in Fort Wayne, IN.

This facility had recently reopened after having closed due to a fire. They have been reopened for only two weeks and their center is impressive! I was the first of my teammates to arrive.

We gathered to chat while waiting for the 4:40 game to be called.

And then we went upstairs to a really cool space themed briefing area.

This arena was great! There were three levels and the vesting room opened up so players would start the game on the second level...which is a bit unexpected as all the bases are on the lower level so you have to go down to deactivate them. This place impressed me a lot.

The first game we played included some other competitors from the tournament. I pulled third place, following just behind these other experienced players, so I was happy with that showing.

But honestly the best part of this experience (besides checking out an amazing facility that I would love to visit again) was being able to have a good time playing tag just for fun with the rest of my team. We all needed to enjoy some tag before heading into the evening's competition and this was a really fun time! Glad I got to enjoy it with Amber, Alex, DiZ and Jammies. :)

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