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More Tag in Kentucky: Tag at 9:00 AM on a Thursday? Sure!

Before leaving Kentucky I wanted to visit at least one more center, but time was not on my side. However, Main Event in Louisville had business hours starting at 9:00 in the morning.I called ahead not expecting that there would be anyone there at that early hour on a weekday, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn they were running a summer special that brought people in and I had a nice group to play against.

They use Delta Strike equipment. What a joy this game was. For the first time I got to really experience properly functioning Delta Strike! It's like a whole different game when the phasers work well and this was a smooth game.

This arena was a double level with lots of open space, but some nice cubby hideaways as well and the group predominantly played on the upper level the whole time. bYou can also see there are some hints of Tron with a few familiar looking towers here and there, so I wonder if they had previously been a Lasertron location?

I had a conversation the night before about the intuitiveness (or lack thereof) of this system, but this time it all seemed like an easy flow. I played as best game of Delta Strike so far (although I wasn't pushing it very hard this morning).

And my thanks to the staff and management who were kind enough to send me off with a souvenir shot glass with the Main Event logo. Yay to tag swag. :)

And thanks to Main Event for a great start to my day!

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