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There's No Monster Under These Black Lights

At Jamie's suggestion I detoured to check out an arena at Monster Mini Golf in Parkville, MD. I probbly wouldn't have thought to stop here because I would have perceived it to be more about the golf, but this was a really cool location that is thoroughly immersed in black lights! This makes the aesthetic of their arena particularly attractive with dayglow colors and artwork to match their nuclear fallout theme.

From the party room you can see everything that is happening inside the arena.

And I looked forward to the chance to play this arena using Helios packs.

Before going in we watched the standard briefing video and I found it really amusing that in this atmosphere where there were monsters painted on every wall one of the little kids looked at the cartoon girl in the video and commented "that's creepy." LOL!

However, the group I was sent in with was a family of young kids (which was the ideal group for this space) and I was NOT going to go in shooting at kids. So instead I adopted a different strategy.

I decided not to shoot at the players at all and only to shoot at the bases and gems scattered throughout the arena. That way I get to enjoy the arena without becoming the monster under the black lights!

And this is where something interesting occurred. When we came out I had to laugh because I had won the game, but I did it by shooting the LEAST number of players possible! And when they handed me 25 arcade tickets for coming in first I gave them to the dad so the kids could have more fun. Meanwhile I took home some more tag swag before continuing along.

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