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Ultrazone: Baltimore - One of the Best!

I had a fantastic experience playing at the Ultrazone in Baltimore, MD! Especially considering I arrived at 10:00 in the morning right before they even opened. I walked in and explained that I only had a brief time passing through the area and realized there was nobody there at this hour, but wondered if there was an employee who would go in for a one on one so I could experience the arena. That was met with both approval and the best tour guide I could have asked for as the general manager Jamie showed me the really cool perks of this arena (where apparently all the new Zone introductions are made available as soon as possible).

First, I got a peek at the map of the arena. Although this space may have been technically been half the size of some places I recently played, at 4000 square feet it played as if it were twice as big! From multiple levels to just a really good maze structure this was a really impressive arena.

They have some new technology I had never seen stations throughout the arena where if you got near the tablet with your phaser it could identify your pack and when you swipe with your finger (or the tip of the phaser) it would provide you with a power pickup.

And this was an opportunity to play again with the Helios Pro phaser.

I loved my time inside the arena.

...and I loved the exterior of the center as well.

But the best part was probably getting to talk tag for another hour before I left because Jamie was so incredibly knowledgeable as this site is actually operated by Zone. Thanks for the tour and the insight!

And also big thanks for the recommendations on some other awesome places to play in the area. I understand this Ultrazone will be celebrating their 20th anniversary in September and I hope to return for the festivities!

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