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My Fifth Shadowland

As I was headed towards my hotel in Alexandria, VA I realized that I was just a short ways away from the fifth Shadowland facility, the last one I had yet to visit. I have already played in Frederick, Columbia, Gaithersburg and Chantilly. Even though I really wanted to take a nap before the tournament that was to get underway at 11:00 that evening I knew that if I played this one (Springfield/Alexandria) I'd have the chance to say I've played them all.

It was a decent game in an arena with a familiar feel. I like Darklight...I don't LOVE it, but I enjoy it as a novelty because I don't have opportunities to play close to home.

And I hoped when I saw their display that maybe I could take home a t-shirt this time since I came back empty handed from my visit to Chantilly the week before.

Alas, once again I was left pressing my face against the glass (figuratively!) as they had t-shirts on display, but again there were none for sale. only big complaint is that I keep being denied a souvenir when I'm at these centers. I suppose if I want the shirt that badly I can get it online. Otherwise it was a nice experience and a good warm up for the remainder of the evening.

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