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Hello Helios Pro!

Last night I went out to Albany to support Zero Gravity with their first weekend operating with the Helios Pro equipment. Although it's bittersweet because I do have a soft spot in my heart for Infusion, this is a big step forward and I was excited to play a few rounds. I said I would only play moderately to save my full force for the next day's tournament...ha! Well, I really didn't go full out, but I did play about 10 back to back games and had a blast with the various players who came out to experience the new system.

I haven't gotten to play a tremendous amount of Helios Pro games in public matches...actually most of my experience with it came during last year's Philly Invites, so this was a night of learning and experimenting. They have installed gems throughout the arena for power-ups. At one point I decided to wait to get my base until I had the "multiply score" come up...however it didn't actually multiply my base score...well, good to find out now, so I don't waste effort trying to make that happen. I enjoyed getting my shot timing down and felt like I had pretty much gotten the rhythm after the first game.

The evening ended with a round of free for all. I hadn't intended to keep going that long...but who could resist.

Then it was back home early (relatively) for a Saturday night at tag. Had to return to check in on my new pet. I just adopted a baby gecko and I have named him Leon. A few of you might understand the laser tag symbolism in that. If not, maybe this photo will make it more evident...

Can't wait to get back to Albany again. Had a great time and I look forward to seeing what they do to grow their member base and competitive scene now.

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