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Playing Zone at The Fun Warehouse

I made a deliberate point to visit the Fun Warehouse in Myrtle Beach mostly because of their name. It's ironic because my local Force center back home is also called the Fun Warehouse.

This place was full of people when I walked through the door. Everything about this center was top notch and impressive. They have lots of other activities from skating to go carts in a really fun atmosphere. Although to my mind the best part was finding couches in the back right next to the laser tag entrance. :)

At this center they run Zone Rift (with vest that work very well with good, visible beams) in a nice two level arena with gears as their theme.

An employee named Jay noticed my Photon hat and started a conversation about where I got it. Turns out he was a Photon warrior from Denver!

Another guy noticed my "real women play laser tag" shirt and wanted me on his team. I searched the red packs and found what I wanted to use...the pack named Legend. I was pretty sure I'd find it. :)

So I had to play for the honor of Legend.

And I quickly developed a reputation with the other players. A couple of the better players went head to head with me. I played a bit in the early afternoon and returned to play more in the evening. One player must have been talking about the earlier games because when I walked out of my final game to check scores he pointed at me and shouted to his group "that's her, she's the bomb!" Gotta say, that's a nice way to end a full day of travel and tag. Well, that and having a new t-shirt to wear when I play at the Fun Warehouse back home. :)

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