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Arena Identity Crisis 1

Fun America in Lancaster was the next stop. Clearly this used to be a Laser Storm site as it had some pretty clear indicators still remaining, even though they now run Zone Rift.

Driving past the side of the building you see this...

Once inside there is a colorful array of decorations and party spaces on the perimeter of a roller skating rink to make you smile and LOL.

But if you head towards the back you will find the laser tag area with a few interesting things going on that make me think this arena has an identity crisis. First, barely any effort was made to cover up the fact that this is a Laser Storm logo with "Zone" added in place of the word "Storm".

Just further affirmation of what must have been here previously. Inside the entryway there appeared to be a hand painted Zone logo to better clarify what was to be found once you got to the next room.

The briefing room was small and space themed with a video monitor.

They played a very well produced Zone briefing video that I had not previously seen. In most locations I have seen the Zone vid with the corny computer animation, but this was a much better quality company produced video that actually reminded me very much of the Lasertron briefing video.

That was not the only similarity to Tron. Once inside the arena (which was quite small, so the word "arena" is used generously here) if you looked to the left you would see a row of Zone Rift packs against a glow in the dark painted spacescape.

However, if you turned to your right...

We were basically playing Zone in a Tron arena!

I had to get a picture to juxtapose the colliding tag elements. :)

So I am guessing that between the Storm signage, the Tron arena design and the Zone vests that we are really getting a glimpse of the evolution of laser tag at this particular center. So these are the reasons why I say this arena has an identity crisis. However, I suspect the average customer here is a casual player who couldn't care less about the details I found fascinating...which is a statement that could also be applied to most aspects of my life. :)

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