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Laser Tag On Location

I'm a member of a local chamber of commerce thast recently held an outdoor festival and when we were brainstorming ideas for the event I suggested hiring the mobile laser tag unit from the guys out in Syracuse. Everyone in the group thought this was a great idea and on the morning of our event a giant inflatable laser tag arena was set up on the church lawn offering short games for $5.

Until they got to our event I had never actually seen the mobile unit set-up...only folded up in a pile by E-door. :) I've got to say, I was impressed with it. Sanch, Lenny and Zac did a great job running things smoothly in spite of the fact that it rained all day long. I'm really glad they were able to make it work in spite of the weather.

Everyone who came out to play really seemed to enjoy it. This was the first laser tag some of them had ever experienced.

And although it was tough to get a photo to accurately represent the inside, the inflatable arena was more impressive than I expected. Lights and music added a lot to create the atmosphere.

It definitely was a cool enhancement to the festival and I know it garnered quite a bit of positive attention. Hopefully the next time we invite the mobile laser tag unit out to an event the weather cooperates better. But it was still a great way to bring laser tag to a new audience and add something really cool to our Springfest. Thanks guys!

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