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I was so excited to get to play Q-Zar in an actual Q-Zar arena in Concord, CA. Up until this point the only places I’ve had the opportunity to play are in ‘geddon events where RNT sets up the equipment in whatever space is available or possibly just messing around with the packs in the Warehouse lobby. So this was a stop that I was really looking forward to. I got to play against an incredibly confident group of college aged/young adult players who clearly spend some time here. They were competitive and both teams were ready to go in to win.

I watched the real Q-Zar briefing video for the first time. I wondered when this video might have been made as it looked really current considering this system is, well, not so much. It was interesting to see, although I feel like just the limited experience I have had so far taught me way more about the game. I went in ready to play hard.

I first looked over the map…

And then we proceeded to our base headquarters where I got a look at what the bases should look like.

Once the game started I realized I had a bit of a leg up. Even though these players seemed to be experienced and were even talking smack to each other in the briefing room like they were seasoned, it appeared that I was the only one who really understood how to use the reflex shot. At first the opposing team looked at me dumbfounded by how I was tagging them so fast, then eventually they seemed to understand what I was doing. However, in the midst of it all I took the base out three times! This was as big deal to me because zI have not been able to achieve this in any of the ‘geddon Q-Zar games. I was actually feeling a little like RNT in that moment. 😊

This was the best time I have ever had playing Q-Zar and I was lucky to get to spend my time there with a really fun group. And by the way, happy birthday to Aaron (tall green team player in the middle).

When it was over we checked the scoreboard.

I was Green 10 this game, so I was pretty pleased with my first Q-Zar results outside of a tournament setting. I loved being able to experience this site.

And I took home a crazy amount of tag swag too from the assortment they offered for sale.

Such a great time playing Q-Zar in Concord!

However, this was not the last Q-Zar I would experience on this trip. Although Beanz suggested I skip the next site because he believed their equipment to be old and some of it broken (he says it makes RNT cry) it did not matter to me. I still really wanted to play more Q-Zar at Stars Recreation Center in Vacaville, CA.

Thanks to the Sunny I got to go in with a group of nine or ten players for the very last game of the night. This was a little different. It was not competitive Q-Zar at all…no bases, way less intense, really just for fun.

Everyone took their vest off the rack.

The energizer was on the wall and we played a free for all. It was a good time, but the most enjoyable part for me was being in a game with a wide variety of ages all with absolute joy on their faces for just experiencing the game. This is what laser tag should really be about! This was fun and we were all just having the best time possible.

This was the first time I have ever received a Q-Zar score sheet also.

And I want to thank the staff for making sure I was able to get in on this final game of the evening before heading to my hotel for the night. Thanks Stars!

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