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Tactical Tag at Virtual Sports

When I called over to Virtual Sports in Tukwila, WA I talked with Sandra who invited me to come over and try a game of tactical with a group of some of their top tactical tag players. Who could say no to that? So I walked in and met a great group of players and staffers who gave me a briefing on the iCombat equipment and the game formats we would play in their arena tonight.

Before going in I got a chance to check out their equipment.

I was given vest 37 with an irM4 and headband sensor.

Then we went into the arena for four game rounds. The first round was Team Death Match which was basically just points for targeting members of the other team. Get shot out, go back to base to respawn. Much like with Tron there was a lot of running back and forth (at least for me…I needed to get my bearings here). I didn’t do very well out of the gate, but I did enjoy the experience and trying out some new and unfamiliar equipment. I kept looking down at my vest to see what had happened since I didn’t receive much audible information from the gear.

The next round was a different game called Domination. The object of this game was for your team to maintain control of the strategically placed tubes by targeting directly downward so they would either change to blue or to green. Initially I thought I preferred Death Match over Domination, but in hindsight I see the latter as being more equitable to a base game and I think I like that a little more now that I’ve had time to reflect.

I might be saying that because I was apparently better at Domination. Not right from the start, but after two rounds playing on one team we switched sides and played both formats again. The next time Domination came up I somehow scored second highest in the whole game, so I guess I must have caught on by then.

And after four rounds of tactical tag I felt like I was walking away with a really unique experience. Plus I had a chance to take some photos in the arena.

And I learned about some of the special equipment they use in Zombie games. Sounds like a really fun variation!

After returning home from my trip I received an email from the Vice President of Operations for iCombat who filled in some info for me and when I told him I had visited Virtual Sports he told me that he was very familiar with them and that they get a lot of good reviews. Well consider this yet another positive review because I thoroughly enjoyed my time playing here and appreciate being able to experience a little tactical tag before leaving Washington. Thank you to everyone at Virtual Sports!

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