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Since returning home from my most recent tag travels I've continued to play every weekend locally, but sometimes it seems like I now have less to say about the average nights I spend at my home sites after coming off of the more interesting adventures on the road. However, these are the places where I play for nothing more than the sheer enjoyment of the games, so that really does deserve equal attention. So here's how I've spent the last few weekends...

Following a work event I enjoyed a few rounds of Helios Pro with Spencer (our current IT guy) and Richard (our intern) joining me for some laser tag in Albany. This was Richard's first experience playing laser tag and I'm really glad to know he enjoyed it because I love the idea of having more people from work taking an interest. We all had a great time and I think Richard may become a frequent player. While we were there we got on the topic of tag cards and Spencer suggested I find a way to display the ones I have collected. Great idea, and I've only just finished assembling a display...and remarkably this isn't actually all of them!

The next couple of weekends were played out at the Force center. It's interesting how some time away from there has really given me a renewed perspective and I had the most fun I've had there in quite some time. The night of the overnight I played the early public session, but it was good to get to visit with friends I hadn't seen in awhile. The night ended on a high note as I somehow managed to talk them into playing a round of Photon emulation!

OK, so there were no remarkable scores here, but it's the love of actually playing this game that I am so rarely indulged. :)

And then the following weekend was Thanksgiving weekend. Cody and I were the only members to show up, but the public group was a lot of fun and we played specialty games all night long. The best moment of this night was having some shouts of support from the vesting room telling me to missile Cody out...which I did. Everyone knows I am not strong at missiling games, so this was a particularly sweet shot. Then astoundingly I was left in the arena with a young player who hung in for the rest of the game. Kudos to him!

Then last night Spencer came out to FJ to play what might be his final night of local tag...and we were also joined by "the Godchildren". If you're new to this blog these are not literally my godchildren, but they get this name because they are a group of teens who gave me the nickname "the Godfather." I first met them about a year ago and they were impressed with my tag skills and so they began calling me "the master" which quickly morphed into calling me "the Godfather"...that nickname has stuck and that's what they call me every time we cross paths in the arena. It's cute and kind of a badge of honor. :)

So anyhow, in between games Spencer and I racked up tickets in the arcade so he could take home a drone that he'd been eyeing for about a year. I know it was that long ago because when last it was up for grabs I had enough tickets to get it for my nephew for Christmas and I've felt a little guilty ever since that I ended up getting it instead of Spencer...even though it was meant to be a gift for a seven year old.

Then in the arena it was a great night except for one small thing...the Legend pack (which was "my pack" for ages before Razz took it over, but it has still always been my sentimental favorite to use) would not work. I fear it has been beaten up too badly to be reliable any longer as this was not a battery issue, it seemed genuinely broken. So I had to adopt a new pack after two failed attempts with Legend. I will be playing using Elite at this arena from this point forward. So, besides the pack issues it was a really fun night that ended with a free for all round with the Godchildren, which was hands down the best game of the evening.

So that's my recap of some of my recent local tag nights. While my adventures on the road have been a little more exciting to write about, these are the stories from the nights that make me feel most connected to the game and to my home centers where I play the most and that's pretty special in its own right.

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