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Leaving Long Island, Tron On The Way Back

The last laser tag location I got to play on Long Island was at Laser Bounce.

Here we got to play some Lasertron 10.

The arena was on the small side and set up a little differently than I expected. We were told to shoot the bases which were located at each side’s painted alien.

However, the game master also instructed that there were hidden targets on the towers. Now, this was an unusual turn of phrase because where these targets were “hidden” was actually on the arch where I would normally look for a base anyhow…so it sort of sounded like it was presented backwards, but a distinction without a real difference.

The game went for a solid 15 minutes (instead of being broken up into a couple of shorter rounds as I am accustomed to with Tron) so running back and forth across this arena got exhausting rather quickly.

But all in all it was a good game and a great way to end this visit to Long Island.

Then on the way back a mid-point stop brought us to Kingston Lanes where there was more Tron to be played. This time it was a free for all in their arena adjacent to the main attraction here, a bowling alley. After registering at the computer terminal it was time to put on another pack for a final game before heading home.

I really prefer free for all Tron games and this one was all about being stealth. I love that! This was a chill, low key way to end the trip and I really enjoyed. This site had more of a cool tone with its blue lights and sleek arena design.

What a great, somewhat impromptu weekend adventure going to and from all these arenas and traveling down on Long Island. I absolutely love getting to have a wide variety of laser tag experiences. This will certainly tide me over until my next multi-state trip that will be coming up soon. What a great time I had exploring so much tag in southern NY!

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