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Tag Apparel from Australia

Gotta say, I am absolutely loving my new hoodie that just arrived today from the land down under! The Melbourne Laser Tag Association (MLTA) did a great job putting together this design with their logo on the front and my code name with a Helios Pro phaser silhouette on the back.

Such a great way to show some love for my favorite laser tag system and also my support from afar for this laser tag league that participates in the Zone Laser Tag Australasian Championships. You can see more about that here…

Someday I hope to have the chance to play laser tag in Australia and since I’m a Zone girl I’m especially proud to sport this shirt that combines a lot of cool elements including a sponsorship on the sleeve (shout out!) from Timezone.

Big thanks to Kat for coordinating the sales for this hoodie and accommodating a couple of international requests so that players like me can represent from halfway around the world. I will wear it proudly. :)

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