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Laser Tag in Louisiana

In chronological order my next stop was to Laser Tag of Baton Rouge after driving south into Louisiana. However, I’m going to talk more about that once I get to my visit to Metairie. Meanwhile, there were a couple more arenas I played while in route.

Safari Quest in Hammond, LA was my first stop the next day and I was quite pleasantly surprised to get in a decent game at 10:00 in the morning! I had to play this early in order to make it to all the locations I had planned, but I want to thank Ethan and the early risers who played for giving me a much better than expected warm up to start the day. Now, their name may mention a Quest, but this site operates with Zone Rift in a double level arena. Ethan said it was 2500 square feet, but it actually felt significantly larger.

As you can imagine there was a bit of a safari theme going on throughout the site.

And I could tell that the day was just getting ramped up for this place to be quite busy. I was told it’s not unusual for them to have players there early in the day and it looked like this place would have their hands full with parties. So I offered my thanks and continued down the road to another site that I understand is tangentially related.

Next was Adventure Quest in New Orleans.

Upon entering the briefing room they had some nice decorative touches that gave it a feel of walking into aztec ruins. I particularly liked the flames flanking the video monitor.

Inside the arena was beautifully done. The décor was not that unusual, but it looked like it was newer, quite attractive and had a great view from the upper level.

Tabitha, the general manager, told me that they have just installed some targets that will be active soon (probably already are by the time I get this posted), but were not active when I played my one on one against Bruce. He was a good sport…not entirely certain whether or not he was actually trying for the entire game or not…and we played a good round. I could tell that this place was also going to be quite busy for the day and that my early morning timing kept me from playing with a bigger crowd. However, I had places to be and was very excited about getting to my next stop. So I purchased a t-shirt…

And off I went for more laser tag in Louisiana.

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