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Lazer Zone in Alabama

It was the end of a long day by the time I arrived in Mobile, Alabama at the Lazer Zone site for some Tron.

I showed up in time to join the second to last game of the night and registered quickly. Then we were headed into the vesting room which had a cool neon cockpit décor.

The theme carried into the rest of the arena which did not look like a typical Tron arena.

Lots of neon, but no bases. It was like playing Tron with no agenda besides targeting the other players…and I had no complaints at all about that since I was a little too tired to be running back and forth from a base to a reload anyway. I staked out a spot with good positioning, but also within an arm’s length of the reload. :)

Honestly, there’s not a lot more for me to say about this game. It was fun, but fairly routine. If I had arrived in Alabama a little earlier in the night I certainly would have stayed for an additional game or two. But at this stage of the game knowing I had to be up first thing in the morning to catch a flight to North Carolina I decided to just buy my souvenir shirt (wished they had their “Got Laser Tag” shirts in a size other than small) and call it a night, simply happy to say I have at last had the chance to play some laser tag in Alabama.

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