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Things That I've Discovered, Better Late Than Never

Yesterday I was doing some research online to try to determine whether I could find anyone else who has attempted to tag in all 50 states like I am. I came upon a link with the heading of "Cross Country Laser Tag Mission" and that caught my attention. Imagine my surprise to click on it and see that it was actually about me!

This was from last fall when I visited the Millennium Family Entertainment Center in Yuba City, CA. I want to give a shout out to them...definitely still one of my favorite places because of all the cool people I met there. So sorry that I didn't see this sooner!

And speaking of things I didn't notice sooner, I was taking an inventory of how many Laser Quest locations I have played (the number is 13 right now, but should go up next week) when I noticed something else...

Remember that episode of How I Met Your Mother where Barney wants a supermodel to be his 200th "conquest" only to discover that there is a miscount on his list? Well, apparently when I started numbering the sites that I have been to I accidentally marked two sites as #5 consecutively on my own list.

Oops! So that throws my whole count off. I guess my 100th and 150th were at different sites than I thought. Sigh...but it's water under the bridge now. It has been corrected (checked and double-checked) so that when I hit my 200th laser tag arena it will be accurate. More accurate than for Barney...maybe that character should have been counting laser tag arenas instead! :)

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