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What Up Wyoming!

After two days of travel to get to and from Montana I was ready to play some laser tag in Wyoming. This state also has very limited options for tag with only two arenas in the entire state. One site in Laramie did not open until later on, so I opted to go to the Cheyenne Ice and Event Center where I had called ahead earlier in the week.

I explained that because of my schedule I was likely going to be passing by very early in the day. As such, I hoped that if there were no other players that early that a staff member would be willing to play and she assured me this would be possible. So when I arrived at 9:00 am and the place was as quiet as I expected I walked up to the counter and introduced myself to Jordan. She appeared to be the only person in the building, but was very willing to do a one on one game. And guess what…this was Jordan’s first game of laser tag EVER!

The vests were all out in the front lobby and she handed me one. I was surprised for a moment. Their website clearly shows a rack of Laserforce packs, but what I was handed was a Rift vest. Obviously I was fine with it either way, but I had anticipated something different and had kind of hoped for another travel achievement. But it was fine. We went into the arena that looked a lot like a Jackson Pollack painting with neon paint splattered all over every surface.

It appears to me that this center must have operated Lazer Runner at one point also because once I found the base I found an additional target underneath it.

It’s interesting how sometimes you can learn about an arena’s history just be keeping your eyes open for those little pieces of the puzzle that don’t fit like you expect. I like that and am glad that this early in the morning there was an opportunity to play in Wyoming. Thanks Jordan! Hope you enjoyed your first game of laser tag!

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