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Projection Walls in Nebraska

It was probably more than a year ago that I first stumbled upon a video promoting projection walls at The Mark in Omaha, Nebraska. I decided that when I finally got to visit this part of the midwest that this site would be a MUST just to check out these walls.

The Mark is a big entertainment site of the lanes, games and bar/grill variety. After having my flight delayed six hours, my first stop upon arriving was to grab some food at the bar.

But after re-energizing myself with some delicious three cheese mac and cheese I was ready to see what this was all about. I introduced myself to one of the managers, John, and I think my interest took him by surprise because he did not realize that the walls in the arena were anything all that unusual. Well, this is what all the hype is about.

When the lights are down like they would be during a game a casual player might not realize that the walls around each base are actually painted white.

So what, right? Well, the reason this is so unique is that the image that you see is actually projected onto the walls from above. Watch the progression from bright lights (with flash) to dark…

What’s even more unique is what these walls have the potential to do. Check this out.

Now, as it turns out tagging the base at this site did not trigger any interesting projections, but just to know that it has that potential is still pretty cool. Instead this is what it looked like when I deactivated the base at The Mark…

Grant and Julia from the game area were great and kind enough to do a walkthrough with me prior to my throwing on a Helios vest and getting into a game. I played with a couple of groups and had a really great time exploring the maze in between those two bases. It’s a double level arena with a pharoah’s tomb theme, interior walls painted to look like stone and a few of the additional enhancements you might expect to find.

I must say I enjoyed the shocked reactions of the other players when they realized my score was the one on top each game. I love taking a group by surprise and they came out talking about how I “must be a professional.” LOL…if only. But at the very least I have a rather prolific list of arenas and states and this checked off my 46th state and the first stop on another pretty amazing adventure. Thanks to The Mark for the hospitality!

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