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Speed Laser Tag

When I rushed through the door at Univerzal Lazer in Watertown, SD I knew I was playing a game of beat the clock in order to get back on the road in time to make the three hour drive to the arena in North Dakota in time to play. But I couldn’t pass by without trying to get a game in at this site too. So I burst through the door in a hurried state, no doubt startling the laid back group of guys inside playing Magic The Gathering at the tables inside. One of them, Adam, got up from his table and came over to greet me. I asked if I could play a game of laser tag and he told me there was a group scheduled in a little while. I told him I was really pressed for time and didn’t have the time to wait. I wondered if I could do a quick round now? He said sure, he’d go in with me. The games are usually 15 minutes. As I pulled out my credit card I said I really didn’t even have 15 minutes, so could I just play a quick five minute game instead. He was happy to accommodate, even as I laughed and commented that he probably doesn’t see too many people frantically requesting to pay for a game and then wanting LESS time in the arena. But the clock was ticking…

We went into the next room to pick up the Laser Tag Pro gear with phaser and headband (no vest with this system). I told him I had previously used this tactical brand and may just need a really quick refresher. Instead he gave me a full briefing…sigh. Ready? Let’s go!

The arena was spacious. Lots of open area, but also plenty of cover. There was a car in the center of the arena. Is this a staple of tactical to have cars inside the playing area? It’s not the first time I’ve encountered this.

Unlike the last time I played with Laser Tag Pro (playing “captains” I believe) with reload stations this was all contained within the phaser, no external reloads. I like this. If I had been in a better mindset to focus on the game I would have appreciated that and gotten into it a bit more. But to be perfectly honest I was not into this game through absolutely no fault of Adam or the facility. The whole time I was worried about whether or not I had allowed myself enough time to get to my 49th state and play in North Dakota. So I played marginally at best…but with tactical that might have been the most I could ask for anyhow. We’ve already covered that this is NOT my forte. So I thanked Adam for the game, took a quick pic and headed back out to hit the road.

I thank them for accommodating a crazy, quick game just so I could report back about my experience. And when I called ahead to the ND arena I was told that if I got there by 6:30 I would still be able to get a game in before closing (this was on Sunday). So, with just enough time to make it all work I got back into my car and started driving north to Grand Forks. I’ll note that technically there was an alternative choice to play in ND if I had missed my timeline, but thankfully my first choice worked out. Four states in three days? Piece of cake! Thank you for keeping my trip on track Univerzal Lazer!

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