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Getting To Glowzone

My next stop was Glowzone in Woodland Hills, CA. To be honest I didn’t get a real high energy feel from this place, but it was…colorful!

I was sent over to get in line by the L.A. Underground entrance.

And then we suited up with Hyper Blast and were let into the arena. It was relatively small, but went back lengthwise further than I expected. There were about three distinct sections of the arena with a base right up front.

I do think it was an attractive aesthetic.

However, the arena map was not particularly distinctive and I actually found myself getting bored with the game rather quickly…of course that might be because the game seemed to go on indefinitely. At one point I watched the clock tick off the final ten seconds of the game and end. Then all of a sudden there were four more minutes of play. So we continued on until that time ticked away. Then as the clock wound down again to the final seconds miraculously there were three more minutes back on the clock. At this point the game master said this time the game was really over and we exited.

The laser tag here was one of several attractions, clearly geared more towards birthday parties than anything else. It was a fun diversion for a few minutes along my journey. And I’ll say this for them…they had fierce looking security!

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