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Making My Way To Mountasia

Mountasia Family Fun Center in Santa Clarita was just a quick stop along my route because I wanted to experience as much as I could while in California, but I also knew I had to get to Glendale for practice before too long. So I was happy that there was a small game going in when I got there so I could experience this arena. However they put me in with a group of three young kids so this was NOT a time to be playing Cyberblast as intensely as I do at home. Instead I enjoyed teaching the kids how to do a few things to get a better score (i.e. pointing out the targets that were high above their heads so I know they wouldn’t have otherwise seen them. We scanned our cards and went in to the small vesting area.

Then we entered a modest sized arena that was designed to look like a small town scattered with little building motifs to use for cover.

I tried to help the kids out for the first half of the game and used the rest of the time to check out the arena and chat with the game master who recommended I check out another Blast site in the area that was much larger and fully dedicated to laser tag (as this arena was just a small part of a larger FEC setting. So I thanked him and took back my only piece of tag swag so far…

And off I went to see what else Santa Clarita had to offer.

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