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Valencia Laser Tag

After a couple of tame tag experiences during the course of this day I thoroughly enjoyed playing just a couple more miles down the road at Valencia Laser Blast in Santa Clarita, CA.

This arena was large enough to really play a decent game and had lots of ramps and levels throughout.

I did a walkthrough with game master Xiomara before getting into a game. I was impressed with the space and excited to play some Hyper Blast in this setting. She did a preliminary briefing with me “since the other players have already played before.” I smiled to myself at this…there was no way she could have known just how many games of tag I have played, but I listened attentively nonetheless and before long we were ready to get into the game. There were several adult players in the game and along with a couple of kids. I got such a laugh when one of the kids commented “you have to watch out for those teenagers!” (talking about some of us older players) because the age range jumped from those kids, right over the teen age range to the rest of us players over 30, but hey, if a kid wants to call me a teenager I’ll happily take it!

During the game the base deactivations seemed a little odd and I returned more than once to make sure I had gotten my full allotment of base credits.

And then we proceeded to enjoy a nice game of Blast in an arena I would definitely enjoy playing again.

However, I did not have enough time to stick around tonight. I grabbed a quick bite to eat at the restaurant next door before heading down to Glendale for a night of practice for the tournament I came to play in on Monday. I’ll talk more about the tournament site as I post about that part of my journey, but suffice it to say I had a VERY full day and night of laser tag out in California. Can’t beat that!

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