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Do You Have the Spare Time for Some Midnight Tag?

It feels like no sooner did I get back from California before hitting the road again, this time for southern Virginia and northern North Carolina. This trip was built upon two objectives...playing at the Appalachian Laser Tag Festival and getting my arena count a smidgen closer to the big 200 that I plan to hit on my next trip. So I set out on Friday afternoon with hopes of getting on a flight to Roanoke, VA. But as so frequently happens, my travel plans took a turn and I actually ended up getting a different flight that put me in Greensboro, NC and I arrived at my hotel just after midnight. It was late and I was tired from my full day of work and travel, but I knew there was a Spare Time in this town so I looked it up and was pleased to learn it was only about eight minutes away from my hotel! So I changed out of my travel attire and showed up ready for a late night game of laser tag…by the clock in this photo it was closer to 12:30 (whether you want to all that a late night or a really early morning!).

Yes, of course I called ahead as I knew it would be hit or miss as to whether there would be anyone there to play against. But TJ was kind enough to give me a manager’s comp to treat me to a game against game master Jeremy who really brought a good game for that hour of the night. It woke me up and set the tone for another fun tag weekend!

As I had expected this site uses Zone Rift packs and when we walked into the vesting room I put my hands on the first red pack I saw and as luck would have it which one do you think I picked up? The Legend pack (hello my old friend…I look for Legend whenever I play Rift in ANY arena. It’s always there and it’s always my favorite).

We went into a nice double level arena. One thing I have to say for Spare Time locations is that each one I have been to has had a unique arena theme (albeit all from the CW repertoire) even though it would be very easy for a corporate structure to just go with one design across the board. This one had a bit of a jungle design with barrels scattered throughout.

Jeremy gave me a VERY good chase considering it was a one on one. I thought I was tired from my travel when I walked in. But the adrenaline had definitely kicked in and I was wired and awake by the time I left! And honestly the best part of this game was that when we walked out neither of us could tell who had won because we kept the balance pretty tight the whole time. As it turns out…

Yes, my Legend pack had made it to the top of the screen by a margin of only 100 points. That’s how good a game it was! So thanks Jeremy for indulging me a fun game and thanks to Spare Time Greensboro for getting my trip off to a great start. And even though I would have loved to stay and play for the remainder of the night I knew I had better return to the hotel and get a couple of hours sleep because morning would come quickly and the next day would be a very early start to drive the two and a half hours north into Blacksburg, VA. Can’t wait!

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