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Playing It By The Numbers

After getting to 200 laser tag arenas I thought it would be interesting to analyze exactly how many sites per system I had played along the way. What can I say, I had some free time on my hands. :)

First I color coded each laser tag system that I have played. So far I have played 22 different laser tag systems (by which I really mean manufacturers...I did not break down upgraded software, versions or equipment lines any further than that) and here's how the numbers shake out.

I'll recap it because I realize the image is blurry. Here are the systems/manufacturers and number of sites I have played as of today...

Zone - 69

Laserforce - 28

Lasertron - 22

Laser Quest - 19

Laser Blast - 19

Lazer Runner - 11

Darklight - 7

Delta Strike - 7


Q-Zar - 3

Laser Storm - 1

Photon - 1

Intersphere - 1

LaserTrek - 1

Actual Reality - 1

Steradian - 1

Laser Mania - 1

Laser Maxx Laser Trooper - 1

Adventure Sports - Tactical - 1

Battlefield Sports - Tactical - 1

Laser Tag Pro - Tactical - 2 (includes XP)

LazRFit - 1

I guess Zammy was right...I DO play everything. :) If you are adding them up and notice that the total comes to 201 It's because XP Lasersport in Owings Mills previously had both Lasertron and Laser Tag Pro and I played them both the last time I was there. And although the XP Laurel location typically operates with Lasertron I counted it for Photon because I have personally only ever played at that location during Phocon, the one weekend a year when Tron takes a backseat and they bring out the Photon gear instead. Everything else is pretty self explanatory on this color coded list of the sites I have played.

A few of the things I found notable once I looked at the data in spreadsheet form...

1. Although I love all forms of laser tag, I have always considered myself more a Zone player than anything else. This list backs me up as it confirms empirically that just over 33 percent of the arenas I've played were in fact Zone sites, leading far and away as the tag brand that I play more than any other.

2. I was surprised to see that Lasertron came in so high as it was third on this list. I really thought I had played more Laser Quest sites than Tron at this point (although the numbers were still relatively close).

3. There are 12 systems that are so few and far between that I have only had an opportunity to play them once (not counting if they were imported or otherwise part of 'geddon events). I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to play these systems at all. I also find it a little amazing that I have actually been able to locate sites that are still actively operating systems like Intersphere and LaserTrek.

This was interesting to put together as a totally non-scientific sample, but still a pretty decent snapshot of where my tag experiences fall. It will be interesting to compare and contrast after I hit my next milestone number to see how those numbers might change...and if all the pieces fall into place I might get to work on my next round fairly soon!

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