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Tilting at Windmills and Spaceships / Call It the IronWoman

On route to New Hampshire I found myself passing through Massachusetts and after working a full day before setting out on this second out of state trip this week I decided it would be good to stop for a break at a mid-point. That's how I found myself at Tilt Studios inside the Solomon Pond Mall in Marlborough, MA.

There was a moment of question as to whether I'd be able to play at this Laser Blast site (adorned with a flying saucer coming right out of the wall).

It wasn't because of the lack of people there (although I was the only person looking to play laser tag at that moment), but rather because their system was temporarily down. However, upon hearing how much I wanted to get in a game at this site a very industrious manager figured out the issue and set me up to play a round with their employee, Chris, for whom this would be his very first game of laser tag ever.

For it being his first game Chris kept up very well as we maneuvered throughout the basic CW walls inside a nicely airbrushed one level arena.

I would have loved to see more of their outside decor incorporated within the arena, but where they did use a space theme it looked sharp.

Before leaving Tilt Studios I had hoped to purchase one of their logo water bottles (which are really cool looking!), but unfortunately they do not sell them. You can only win them with game tickets, but I didn't have the extra time to spare playing arcade games...maybe next time.

After leaving Marlborough I continued on my route and was off to Laser Quest West Roxbury where I had called ahead to reserve a spot in the evening's Ironman game. Although this one could have been called the IronWoman because the entire group for this game was all female! It has been a VERY long time since I've seen that happen.

I really like the aesthetic of the West Roxbury LQ. Usually I think that most Laser Quests look alike, but this one had some distinction with a jungle theme painted throughout the arena complete with lizards, frogs and crocodile imagery...the lizard mama approves!

This was not a full game, but it was full of spirit. I had a nice time playing with this group. I appreciated that they gave me a free game voucher for taking the win.

However, since I will not be passing this way again for a little while I passed it along to the next highest scoring player so these ladies could enjoy another game sometime. By this time it was getting late and I still had quite a drive to get to my hotel in New Hampshire, but I enjoyed checking one more Laser Quest off my list, taking home the magnet (I'm remembering to ask for them now!) and leaving with my name at the top of the list of the day's top scores.

Thanks for a great time Laser Quest West Roxbury!

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