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Tivia Traveled To Tamworth To Tag for a TV

Tivia traveled to Tamworth to tag for a TV...say that three times fast! This past weekend was the conclusion of the ongoing fall tournament that was organized by White Lake Speedway over the last couple of months to promote fall/winter participation at their CyberBlast laser tag arena. As I always say, you have to be in it to win it, so seven weeks earlier I threw my hat into the ring and qualified with scores meeting the designated accuracy levels in five formats including standard with trackers, standard without trackers, Domination, Rabbit and Zombies. At the end of it all my qualifying scores are what won me this 43" Vizio smart TV.

I want to say thank you to Bob and the staff of White Lake Speedway for making this opportunity available. Besides being able to try out some new game formats and add another arena to my list of sites I've played, the scenery was absolutely beautiful in the White Mountain Valley region this time of year and it was a great excuse to enjoy a weekend trip to New Hampshire! This is also the biggest goodie I've ever gotten to take home as a result of laser tag. I'm very appreciative and will enjoy it greatly!

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