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Friends at Funagin's

One of the best parts of playing laser tag is that I have been able to develop friendships with people all over the country. It never ceases to amaze me that almost everywhere I go there is a tag friend somewhere in the nearby vicinity. Even as far away as California and Hawaii I have found friends through laser tag that I can reach out to whenever I'm traveling out their way.

After I left Michigan I headed south towards Toledo, which was close enough for Amber from the Ascendance team to make a trip from Indiana so we could play some tag together again. This was really so nice because we have not seen each other since our team played at Battle For The Fort in 2016. So we decided to meet up for some Laserforce Gen 7 at Funagin's in Sylvania, Ohio.

I have to say it's a good thing there was this highly visible sign by the road...

...because if not for that we probably would not have even realized that this was a laser tag site. There was no signage on the building which is unfortunate because perception is reality and my initial perception was "I hope this is it...and I hope they are not closed."

Once we entered the building we saw that they were doing some renovations, so I will cut them some slack if they were just keeping things low key while they are working on their updates. Upon entering the building we were directed to go through the green doorway to our left where we found the tag part of the business (apparently there is paintball available on the upper level) and they had a couple of parties in progress. Thankfully there was also an appropriate group of young adult players going in for a game right then so we were able to join their group.

We divided up into three small teams and Amber and I played together as a team of two. It had been awhile since she had played Laserforce, but I play frequently, so I suspected this would be fun.

The arena was HUGE, although sparsely decorated with a few wooden structures including a center bunker supporting a partial upper level. I'm not certain of the square footage, but this space has tremendous potential. With five bases scattered throughout there were ample targets. The floor plan had a lot of open space so it played very differently from an arena with a true maze structure. Actually, it felt a little too easy to target the other players because there was not as much use of cover.

The structures they had in place were hand painted, many with a splatter paint design. I actually kind of like this style (which goes right along with their paintball upstairs) because while it may not have the polished look you find in some arenas it is unique with a bit of a vintage tag feel.

The teams went into the arena and the game began. Amber and I definitely had the advantage with our experience. I felt from the get-go that we were going to easily take the top two spots, but more importantly we just had a good time with the game again. Most of the times that we have played together have been in tournament games so this was upbeat, light and fun...just the way it should be. The other players made a good showing as well and we left feeling like it was a good jump start for the rest of the evening. I'm very glad that Jesse recommended this site and that I got to add it as a last minute bonus stop on this trip. :)

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