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Leon Loves RePlay Magazine Too!

Even my gecko Leon is enjoying this month’s issue of RePlay Magazine!

I want to thank them for including this item titled “Laser Tag Celebrated” along with a write-up about my tag in Texas on the 35th anniversary of laser tag and a photo of me with George Carter III. It was very cool to see this printed in a national industry publication, especially considering the May 2019 issue also features some excellent coverage of the Amusement Expo with which the Laser Tag Convention was co-located this year in Las Vegas. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and seeing some great pictures, especially several pics of familiar faces in the laser tag industry.

It is ironic that this magazine arrived today including this piece that references the event at Laser Quest in North Richland Hills because I just learned today that this particular LQ site closed its doors for good last night, barely a month after I was there. It is always sad to see any laser tag site close, but having worked so closely with them over the last few months this one left me feeling particularly empathetic for the players in Texas who will be saying goodbye to their tag home. I remember very clearly how I felt when my home site in Dewitt closed down unexpectedly and it is especially hard when you have no advance notice to appreciate when you are playing in an arena for the very last time. However, I also feel very fortunate that I was able to experience this site and mark my 50th state playing in such an appropriate location while they were there. To all the staff at Laser Quest North Richland Hills, I thank you for giving me a wonderful experience in March and I also thank you on behalf of all the players who enjoyed your site for so long. Best wishes my friends!

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