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"Wilsoning" According to Al (aka Richard Karn)

It's interesting how laser tag terminology evolves. There are unusual terms used in many systems, but today I want to talk about a term used in Laser Storm called "Wilsoning". What this means is to peek over a wall while keeping your headset sensors low and behind cover with only your eyes and the top of your head visible over the barrier. Originally this was called "Webbing" named after a player, Mike Webb, who first started using this tactic while playing in Michigan.

This concept is rather unique to Laser Storm because (credit Logan for this explanation)... "in standard Laser Storm our arenas are traditionally made from movable plastic walls hanging from a grid to divide the arena. From this players take different positions based off size by Wilsoning over the top or the side."

However, over time the more descriptive term of "Wilsoning" came to be used by the player base. It's probably obvious that this is named after the character on the nineties tv show Home Improvement who peeked over the wall to call out "Howdy Neighbor!" So for a more thorough explanation we turn to Al (aka actor Richard Karn) to explain a bit more about "Wilsoning"...

Thank you Richard!

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