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Playing in the League with “Game of Groans”

This past weekend a new league got underway in Syracuse and I am really looking forward to playing again.

The teams did not start to assemble until we arrived for the first night because we weren’t certain until then whether we’d be playing with three-man or four-man teams, but my spirits were boosted when I saw a post online earlier that afternoon from T-Cow calling for “DIBS ON TIVIA” because it’s always nice to be wanted first for a team. Then once we got there, Axman and I decided to team up as well since we had very similar thoughts about how we hoped to see things go. The final addition was Saiyan Prince once we were told we’d go with teams of four. And that’s how we formed our new team called “Game of Groans”.

Credit to Cecily for that team name. We’ll be playing this league against four other teams including the THP (Try-Hard Paradise), Psychopaths, Rainbow Six and my favorite team name of all…Oooof.

We will be playing a different format every night we play and this first evening we got ready to play the three-team Masters format. Things started off very well and we came up for strategy that seemed to work nicely. I won’t get into it now just in case we may need to use it again. ;)

We were undefeated for the first four games which is certainly a solid way to begin. However, we were running neck and neck with THP who had also won four and they came in second in one. So, when we played our fifth game and came in second that meant that we were tied with THP and still had to go up against them once more in the final game of the night. At this point we played hard, but not quite hard enough and we took second to them meaning we ended the first night with 10 tourney points and they had 11. Fortunately we have plenty more weeks to try to take back that lead. The final point tally for night one was:

THP: 11

Game of Groans: 10

Oooof: 5

Rainbow Six: 4

Psychopaths: 0

In fairness, I want to point out that the Psychopaths were down a player for most of the night due to a sunburn that was really aggravated by putting on a pack. All teams played with heart, and it should be fun to see how this plays out.

Meanwhile, I have plenty of tag adventures left before the next league night. I might even rep for Syracuse by wearing my new member jersey that just came in.

It’s a sharp look that our Syracuse guys will be sporting at Nats this week. Best of luck in Detroit!

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