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Questing in Ohio

I’ve been asked several times how it can be that I already played Laser Quest in Akron, but somehow missed playing at LQ Canton. Well…I don’t know. I vaguely recall playing Akron as a side trip when I was in the area for a tournament a couple years ago and my best guess is I was probably pressed for time that day. Or maybe it’s just that at that point I wasn’t focused on playing at all the LQ locations like I am now. Regardless, I had to make up ground and that worked out very well for me all around. So I headed back to Ohio and picked up another site…

And since the only sleep I got the night before was on a plane I was just as glad to play a light game of tag without pressure to play hard or, you know, stay awake, lol. ;)

Just kidding, but it was light because I was sent in with a birthday group (and I am no birthday basher) so it gave me a chance to play a bit while I let the coffee kick in.

Then since I was also close to the LQ in Akron I decided to stop by and play there again.

Mostly because when I last played there I didn’t know to ask for the magnets and so I figured I’d backtrack to add an Akron magnet to my collection as well.

I enjoyed another game, by which time I was starting to feel ready for the rest of my third day of tag on the road. This was fun…

…but my next stop would include an extra little bonus that would make me particularly appreciative I decided to drive back home from Ohio rather than fly. Maybe the universe lined up all the pieces accordingly and perhaps THAT is the reason I didn’t play in Canton a couple of years ago…so that everything would work out the way it did for this trip which would not have happened if I didn’t need to check off Laser Quest Canton. It’s amazing how things work out!

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